Woodland Ravens Field Watercolor Elements

Ravens are usually associated with darkness, mystery, and evil. In most cultures, they?re considered a symbol of bad luck and death, but today we?re here to change all those superstitions, and prove that ravens can add elegance and charm. This woodland ravens field collection looks like it came straight out of a fairytale! The color palette is oh so majestic and visually peaceful, and the way all the colors are combined together makes us want to pack our stuff and go live in the enchanted forest. This magical collection is available in PNG and JPG format; it includes all sorts of watercolor graphics, like: frames, textures, brushes, bouquets, and wreaths. They?re perfect for winter wonderland wedding invitations, logo design, branding projects, label design, winter postcards, and unique poster designs. We imagine Jon Snow would use it to design his coronation invitation cards after finally being named king of Winterfell or king of the North as we speak.
Thanks to Pixel Buddha for sharing this enchanted woodland ravens filed collection. Make sure to follow them for more unique design resources like this one. Also for all Once Upon A Time fans out there, don?t you think this collection would be perfect for the Evil Queen?s brand identity? (Play the opening theme song in your head and you?ll know the answer).

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