Vector Cartoon Animals (EPS)

Anybody who has pets realizes how much care they need. And this differs depending on the kind of animal you choose to adopt, but at the end of the day, when that tiny (or large) creature snuggles beside you, it?ll be all worth it. So to say thank you to our loyal friends, we present this wonderful cartoon animals vector set.
The collection provided by Sergey360 introduces a number of animals including a cat, a dog, a panda, a raccoon, a penguin, a rabbit, a hippo, a bear as well as others. The cute designs combined with the soft colors will make a great addition to a number of projects especially those related to children. Using Adobe Illustrator, include them in greeting cards, flyers, websites, children?s books, stamps, stickers and many more. Let?s face it, these animals belong everywhere!

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