Samsung Galaxy S21 Figma Mockups

If you are tired of using Adobe Photoshop mockups that require to download super heavy files (over 1GB many times), we got you covered.

Presenting the collection of Galaxy S21 Figma Mockups. With our Figma mockups, you have all the benefits of a high-quality premium mockup, but directly on Figma. This way your workflow will be much faster and smoother, as you will be able to update mockups directly on Figma.

– – – What?s inside our Samsung Galaxy S21 Figma Mockups? – – –

With a total of over 20 mockup combinations, our mockups collection has everything you need, including:

? Galaxy S21 Black (7 mockups)

? Galaxy S21 Clay White (7 mockups)

? Galaxy S21 Clay Dark (7 mockups)

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