Paper Work Presenter on Desktop Mockup (PSD)

We live in a world where there’s a solution for almost anything. Don’t know how to cook? Order delivery or buy canned food or watch a step by step YouTube tutorial, don’t know how to drive? Get a cab or take the bus, don’t know how to reach a certain location? Use your map application, and the list goes on. Also, in design, mockups are the solution to your problems, so if you’re looking for a way to present your work then we got you covered!
Today’s freebie is a PSD work presenter on a desktop mockup. You can use it to display your paper artworks, or writings in a professional environment, on a desktop. Your presentation will look so realistic that clients/audience will have a hard time believing it was actually photoshopped. It’s perfect for online job applications, portfolio presentations, branding projects, and social media posts. It would work great if you want to showcase your colorful sketches or notes in a creative digital way.

Thanks to Yeven Popov for sharing this unique and time saving work presented on a desktop.

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