Orange Fruit Watercolor Clipart Patterns (PNG)

The orange fruit, with its wonderful shades and sweet taste, is an ordinary sight, almost mundane in the supermarkets. But did you know that it?s actually a hybrid between pomelo and mandarin? And as a new perspective comes to light, so do new designs.
This is the orange fruit watercolor collection from Kendra L, a free download that includes 9 cliparts and 2 patterns with mesmerizing watercolors. One of the patterns is leafless while another features green leaves for a contrast that brightens your designs with plenty of space for your texts and logotypes. Cut or whole, used on their own or with added elements, these oranges can decorate your shopping and tote bags, packaging for cosmetics or orange-flavored and scented products and food items. Decorate your living room by instantly downloading the freebies, printing, and framing them or create a new book cover for the Orange Girl by Jostein Gaarder.

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