Indigo Blue Floral Watercolor Design Elements (PNG)

The color blue is mesmerizing, but the word itself is uncomplicated. And when it comes to picking a color, that can be a problem, so today?s freebie focuses on Indigo. Deep and bold, Indigo with its vibrant shades can enrich your branding designs and artwork, especially when combined with the most beautiful natural elements in this Indigo blue floral watercolor graphics pack. Flowers are always in style, so you can embellish your invitations and cards, writing the sweetest of wishes with calligraphic and serif fonts that complement the hand-painted artwork. So the different elements presented in PNG format by Kendra L. can be inserted as there are or combined with more room for creativity.
Floral businesses, wedding organizers, and even shops can upgrade their stationery presentations and business cards with these designs which include 22 single design elements, 6 arrangements, and 6 wreaths. The pack also features 4 seamless patterns that can be instantly used for backgrounds, apparel items, pillows, covers, etc.

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