Free Wrinkled Cloth Mockup (PSD)

Wrinkled clothes are always seen as a sign of irresponsibility or laziness. But we do not adhere to what most people would see as standard because creativity always demands to look away from these limitations and to color outside of the line, and this is exactly what we’re doing with this resource provided by Mockup Division.
Stray away from conventions and show your design abilities to your clients in a new light with this wrinkled cloth mockup which showcases a piece of cloth with a simple design from a top point of view. Via Adobe Photoshop, you can add your personalized graphics with a few steps without worry about the realistic effect of the project. Once you insert your artwork, it will automatically take the shape of the wrinkles. The piece of cloth here can be used for logos and symbols for t-shirts, flags, sheets, etc.

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