Free Vintage Frame Mockup (PSD)

When it comes to art restoration, the frame is considered an inseparable part of the work itself. And because we know how much a frame affects the work it carries, we present today this collection of frame mockups. Shared by Anatomia Design, Ana Paula Sampaio, and Melise Flores, it includes 3 mockups, all of which showcase a frame that you can use to present your photographs and images, illustrations and sketches etc.
The first PSD mockup presents the vintage frame in a very simple manner from a front view. With this tool, you can change the background and choose more bold colors that fit your theme more. And since the frame is editable, you can pick a color combination that highlights your inserted art. The other mockups showcase the frame on a wooden surface/ bench with flowers to always keep that elegant look going. Unfortunately, the background here is fixed and cannot be changed, but your creations will be enough to make your viewers go wild.

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