Free Vertical Flag Mockup (PSD)

Red flag, white flag, black flag, you’ll find these mentioned in stories and songs all around the world. And these symbols are quite important, however, they can be easily designed using this mockup from Mockups For Free. The scene set in the mockup is highly realistic to give you the best experience possible, and thanks to the 4000 ×6000 pixels resolution, your results will also be in high-quality.
The vertical flag made out of textile is attached to a white pole with a bright sky behind it. The mockup includes smart object layers, so using a CS4 Adobe Photoshop or a higher version, you can change the color of the flag itself and insert whatever kind of graphics you’d like including icons, logos, illustrations, symbols, and many others. This means that it can be used for different branding projects for any associations, companies, organizations, or establishments.

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