Free Stacked Magazines Mockup (PSD)

If you’re a designer, then you know that nothing beats seeing your designs come to life. No matter how hard you’ve worked on a project or how many nights you’ve stayed awake, the moment you hold that business card (for example) in your hand or see those brochures piled up, you forget about everything. It’s kind of like having a baby! And just like babies, you can “foresee” your design before giving birth to it, to make sure that everything is okay. We’re bringing you a stacked magazines PSD mockup to help showcase your design in a photorealistic way so that you and your clients can see how the final version of your design is going to look like.  It’s great for branding projects, book design, magazine design, and web presentation. The mockup is easy to use, simply add your graphics via smart objects and edit the background, side, and cover of the magazine according to your taste. You can use it to present your own custom book cover design of your favorite book on your fan art Instagram account for example).
Thanks to Anthony Boyd Graphic for sharing this useful mockup, you can check out his website for more similar mockups.

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