Free Square Shoe Box Package Mockup

They say good shoes take you good places, so no wonder Cinderella’s glass slipper took her to the ball where she met prince charming. But, we can’t but wonder, what would have happened if she had safely hid her slipper (in a special shoe box maybe) and her evil stepmother never found it and uncovered her secret? So to prevent that from happening to any of you girls out there, we’re bringing you a free PSD square shoe box mockup by Massdream Studio. It’s perfect to present your shoe packaging design in a professional way which will amaze your client. The mockup is editable and all the elements are separated, so you can easily add your design via smart layers, and change the background’s color or box’s texture. It’s great for branding projects, advertising posters (for products), and web/social media presentations. You can add some shoes next to the box for a more realistic presentation.

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