Free Square Perspective Box Mockup (PSD)

Surprises in life come in many forms, but those wrapped in boxes are the best ones. Boxes often protect the item inside, but they can also be used to hide it, to keep what’s inside a secret. So to give a hint of what it may hold, be it a product or a present, you can share your designs with this free box mockup brought to you by Muhammad Adnan Skeikh.
The perspective view of the mockup gives you 3 sides, creating a realistic presentation for the designs that the customer will always encounter. And because most businesses use square boxes, you will find this free resource useful for many packaging projects including food items, kitchen appliances, electronics, ornaments, or for our favorite usage, gifts. Via Adobe Photoshop, you can add your logotypes, feature your colorful branding designs on all sides, and share your artwork and patterns with only a few clicks.

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