Free Spray Paint Stipple Brushes for Illustrator (AI)

Stipple is the process of marking numerous small specks or dots or creating a similar design, and it?s a technique that stands because the smallest of things, even those that might seem insignificant at first, can change something within a work of art. And depending on how you choose to place these dots, you can go from a light effect to a heavier one, and with this set of brushes, the choice is always yours.
This is the free stipple brushes set for Illustrator, a varied selection created from the spray of a particular spray paint cap called a needle cap. Detailed and rich, they can be solely used to create artwork or combined with other tools to make a design more vivid. So bring life to your vector illustrations with this brush set designed and shared by Maxwell Rasche or add a new element to them by using the brushes for shading and special effects.

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