Free Soap Packaging Mockup (PSD)

Nothing beats the smell of freshly washed hands or shower-dry skin. The best part about scents is that you could pick the one that reflects your mood or personality; so if it’s summertime, you most likely would wash your hands/body with soaps that smell a bit fruity/citrusy or floral (for example).
Today’s freebie will leave you smelling clean and fresh! It’s a refreshing soap packaging mockup by Zippy Pixels. You can use it to present your soap packaging design in a photorealistic creative way. The mockup is available in blank mode in PSD format, it’s perfect for package design, branding projects, advertisements (both print and media), and web presentations. The scene includes some fresh colored flowers (Camomile and Dahlias), a customizable bottle (for shower gel, body oil, cleanser, face wash…) along with the soap package displayed in the middle; the background is completely editable so you can add whatever background you want or texture/color. It’s perfect for your all natural soap branding design presentation (the flowers add a natural touch).

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