Free Single Square Flyer Mockup (PSD)

Flyers are one of the most foolproof and oldest advertising tools out there. We are at this point all used to receive flyers everywhere; in stores, on the streets, in mailboxes, etc.
But the important question is if they are still effective in this digital world. The answer that we, alongside many entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners have come up with is YES, but they must be really good flyers. That’s why we have made this free single square flyer mockup by Mockups Design available to easily create a neat and eye-catching flyer presentation.
It features 6 scenes in different shots/angles on a high-quality plain background, that will help you achieve your desired end result. You can choose to paste and display your graphics on a scene with one or multiple flyers via smart objects to personalize as much as possible.

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