Free Single Gatefold Brochure Mockup (PSD)

Brochures are the best! They’re cost-effective, easy to distribute, effective, and a great way to promote any product/services. Brochures, like business cards, directly interact with your audience, and when someone is impressed by a certain brochure, he will most likely pass it on to his family members or friends, which helps promote your business. Today’s freebie is a single gatefold brochure mockup. It includes 9 different PSD mockups scenes that will allow you to present your brochure design from different perspectives. It’s perfect for branding projects, advertising, and web presentations. You’ll be able to showcase your brochure design in a photorealistic way which will definitely impress your clients and assure them that you are a professional.
Thanks to Mockups Design for sharing this time saving single gatefold brochure mockup. Make sure to check out their portfolio for more useful resources.

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