Free Shader Affinity Brushes (AF)

The before and after of any design should be different, but they?re always remembered when they?re shocking. So if you?re looking to make a difference that resonates, add this set of brushes to your collection of tools and share your design before and after with style.
This is the shader brushes set for Affinity which offers 12 vector and raster brushes, all of which are free with a full version available from Pixel Buddha. Some brushes add a rough texture while others present dotted designs that, when mixed, add depth to your colors. They can also be used with white or bright colors for starry nights and contrasting backgrounds. Detail your artwork from cartoon characters to minimalist scenery illustrations and showcase your designs on greeting cards, posters, stickers, and playing cards or easily design patterns for covers with quotes, apparel items, packing designs, etc.

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