Free Retro Light Leaks Set

They say there are no mistakes in art; you can transform whatever ?wrong? you do into something beautiful, and since Photography is considered an art, same rules apply to it. So those blurry photos your delete, or leaky shots you throw away thinking they?re spoiled, well they all come back as a trend in some way.
Today?s freebie is a retro light leaks set made with Canon 6d. The set includes 25 high-resolution light leaks that will add a beautiful retro touch to any regular photo. With a few clicks, you?ll be able to transform your plain summer beach photos into artistic Instagram worthy posts with vintage vibes. And we don?t know about you guys, but we think these leaks are perfect for a Nicholas Sparks movie poster. Thanks toÿKervin Markleÿfor sharing this super useful retro light leaks set. Check out their portfolio for more resources like this one.

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