Free Postcard Mockup Design (PSD)

In a world where everything is digital, it feels really good to receive something handmade or handwritten like a letter or a postcard. Humans are yearning to go back to nature and get in touch with their roots and reminiscing about the “good old days”. This kind of work reminds us of the romantic poets, where they got so fed up with the industrial revolution, that they found the need to escape to nature in order to find a sense of tranquility.
Today’s freebie is a PSD postcard mockup design that will allow you to showcase your artwork in a professional and photorealistic environment. It will help take your design presentation to the next level with a few simple clicks; all you have to do is add your own graphics via smart objects, change the background (the mockup includes ready-made textures), save, and you’re done! You can use it to showcase your customized Christmas edition postcards for a certain brand for example, or to show off your artworks on the web. Thanks to Yeven Popov for sharing this useful postcard mockup design.

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