Free Paper Bag & Business Card Branding Mockup (PSD)

Paper and design, name a more iconic duo. Ever since the very first day paper was invented, we’ve been using it to show cool artwork. There is something about paper than just makes us more drawn to it than to canvas, metal, or stone walls. So, for the next time, you want to use the properties of this fantastic material to showcase your work consider using this unique paper bag and business card mockup.
What a combo, the perfect mix for a cool new corporate identity project. This new project from Deep Lab shows multiple paper bags and business cards from a lot of perspectives. It’s perfect for displaying inventive and eco-conscious branding elements, as a practice project on your Behance portfolio, or even to spice up your Instagram page. This mockup comes in 3 PSD files for the free version. A paid premium version provides 10 higher-quality shots.

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