Free Olive Oil Bottle Mockup (PSD)

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils out there. We can go on and on about how good it is for our health, but the truth is, something that great speaks for itself. Before modern science even proved how important and beneficial olive oil really is, our grandparents (and ancestors) used it for almost everything! They used it for their skin, their hair, for infections, for pain, and lots of other things other than cooking. In honor of its magical powers, we’re bringing you a free olive oil bottle PSD mockup by Graphic Pear. It will help present your label design in a professional photorealistic way that will amaze your client. It’s great for branding or packaging projects, and the best part is that everything is editable; you can change the label’s design, the oil’s color, bottle tone, cap color, background, and adjust the lights/shadows according to your taste.
The mockup also includes a ready-made filter and a help file to make everything easier. For a dramatic touch, you can add an olive tree branch in the foreground.

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