Free Modern Abstract Acrylic Textures (JPG)

Enter a world of creativity, color and originality as you unleash your imagination into a state of shades, tones, strokes, swishes, shapes and take it as far as your mind?s eye will go. Be inspired by acrylic paint and the endless lengths you can reach with it on your artistic journey. Choosing acrylic paint as your creative tool will not only help you to conquer any inventive art project you take on, it will also help you achieve beautiful results for bold and impressive masterpieces. What?s even better is that you can choose to bring the same subtle magic of acrylic paint into your digital artworks, courtesy of NassyArt.
This set of 15 modern abstract acrylic textures has been brought to you by the aforementioned NassyArt to serve as the ultimate creative resource that you can incorporate to infuse life into any of your designs, digital or print. Each texture comes as a high-resolution image in 6000 x 4000 px and is print-ready with 300 DPI. The textures are a melange of different shades and techniques, coming together harmoniously to give you a beautiful, appealing and authentic acrylic feel which you can use in your invitation cards, digital artworks, posters, book covers, magazines, website covers and much more!

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