Free Liner Procreate Brushes

When projects are aimed at a certain age group, you might find yourself lost regarding the tools you?re going to use. So if you want a fun, quirky, and undeniably charming project, then check out this must-have tool which benefits you in both professional and personal designs.
This is the Liner brush set for Procreate introduced by the Seamless Team. These brilliant brushes can be used for artwork and illustrations as well as typography and lettering designs, so whether you?d like to create illustrations for applications or write quotes and texts for birthday cards, they?ll be a blast to use. Mix multiple brushes from the 22 ones available (rocky road, dashy, duo line, etc.) or challenge yourself with a one brush design with different colors and patterns. Kindly keep in mind that you need certain versions for this free tool to function: iOS 11 and Procreate version 4.1 or higher ones.

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