Free Kitchen-Food Vector Icons (AI)

Some things connect us because they?re the same and some divide us because they?re different. And some connect us regardless of their differences. So whether you?re a cook, a foodie, or even a fan of the movie Ratatouille, you?re going to find genuine enjoyment in the kitchen and in this new collection of icons presented by Graph Berry.
With this download, you?ll get your hands on a set of 9 vector icons for your food and kitchen related projects. Whether it?s a Taco Tuesday offer or an ad for equipment sold online, your app and website designs will appear brighter including food recipe apps, games, or even apps created for children. The set shared in Ai and EPS format features different foods with both protein and dessert as well as kitchen equipment including a toaster, a grill, and cutlery. So be proud of your new found hobby and share its excitement online with one click!

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