Free Isometric MacBook & iPad Mockup (PSD)

Ali Aziz brought us a highly needed tool that comes in handy for beginners as well as professional designers. In our modern-day and age, it is quite hard to step away from the technology scene, and this is why mockups like the one presented today are essential for creators.
This brand new graphic displays from an isometric perspective angle a MacBook Pro 15” with Retina display put against a dark background that fits well with its color. The high-quality of the screen and the details of the keyboard set a highly realistic environment which will instantly appeal to your clients. The mockup can be used for everything that may take place on a screen: lock screen designs, ads, wallpaper, digital art, games, applications, software designs, images, and icons. And if you really want to dive into the details, choose designs only related to Apple like designs created for Safari browsers. The downloaded file also includes an additional isometric iPad mockup.

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