Free Gold and Silver Watercolor Textures (JPG)

Humans have been using metal for a long time ? long enough that we divide ages of human history by the types of metal tools ancient peoples were using. So it should be no surprise that metal carries a lot of connotations ? from building to agriculture to war to jewelry ? and it makes sense why in modern times a metallic aesthetic can be a powerful tool for design.
If you?re considering a metal look for your next design project, we have a great resource to get you started! Check out this set of 15 gold and silver watercolor textures, brought to you by NassyArt. With textures created from pure silver and gold shades, as well as ones that use a harmonious mixture of both the colors together, each of these textures comes in the form of a high resolution 5000 x 5000 px JPG image, which is print-ready in 300 DPI. From logos and website backgrounds, to print designs such as book covers, posters and branding material, there is no limit to how you can incorporate these textures in your designs and bring an unmatched elegance to them that have been associated with these two colors since time immemorial!

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