Free Folklore Watercolor Design Elements (PSD)

Folklore, put in a few terms, is the expressive body of culture, and the wonderful thing about this definition is that we can interpret it as we like, bringing our ideas to the mix. This is the free set of folklore watercolor swatches from Tatiana Lyubimova, a collection of magical design elements presented in PSD and PNG format with transparent backgrounds so you can easily make your changes.
The set is as colorful as it can be as it features multiple elements with different styles, all of which can be colored to your liking. The download includes 20 individual watercolor swatches including 3 watercolor backgrounds that shine even with no other elements added, 8 watercolor strokes for labels, names, and subtitles, 4 watercolor spatters and 5 splotches that can simply be added to the scene without a hassle and decorated with watercolor floral and other natural elements and illustrations. Take the different elements of this set and make them yours, telling stories from a new perspective with magic, charm, and creativity.

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