Free Cookies Packaging Mockup (PSD)

Being a scout includes many responsibilities and activities like learning how to tie knots, how to build a tent, and sometimes it also includes selling cookies. Selling cookies from door to door is a known tradition that helps both the scouts and the community (because whose day is not brightened with a chocolate cookie?). But all of this process doesn’t just consist of selling boxed cookies. A lot more work goes into the making of the packaging and its designs, and this is why today we present to you this template.
This is the new cookies packaging mockup. The mockup is provided by Vectogravic in medium resolution (2000*1500 PX) and it presents 2 cookies next to their package from the back and the front to help you include all the important details. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our huge free collection of resources that we update on a daily basis.

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