Free Children Education Illustration (PSD)

We might not recall the time we were kids. We separate ourselves from that period forgetting that we were all once little children careless of the consequences. But the world is still young and free-spirited and so are we, so we created this new children education illustration, and we can?t wait to share it with you. A cartoonish duo with bright colors and wide smiles that bring enthusiasm to your projects. You can use the already colorful design or you can edit it via Adobe Photoshop?s organized layers. You can also customize the background and present your own graphics on the cubes.
The free resource can be included in personal and commercial projects, so you can add it to your covers and page designs for textbooks, short stories, and illustration books, as well as educational websites and applications, brochures, posters, and flyers for after school programs and summer camp, etc.

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