Free Camping Vector Illustration (AI)

Escape the city life and settle down to a night under the stars, watching the moon slowly rise as it lights up the night sky. When you take a camping trip, you do more than take a break from everyday life. You really get to change what everyday life is about. Camping gives you the chance to let go of all the shackles and chains of work, daily routines, and regular expectations.
It might be cold outside but nothing is cozier than warming yourself by an open campfire. For those that love outdoor adventures, camping is a most enjoyable experience. Being able to sit comfortably by a nice warm fire surrounded by silence and the stars can sound like a dream.
Suddenly you are one with nature, feeling the wild surrounding earth all around. Take this vector scene illustration of a young man warming himself by the campfire and turn it into your own dream of embracing nature, and allowing nature to embrace you.

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