Free Brand Manual Template (Indesign)

Why do brands need to have a brand book? Manual books are an official corporate document, which explains all the brand?s identity and standards. The most important reason for having a manual book is to show the brand identity. All rules need to be presented in a clear and simple way. A brand manual should include sections such as information about the brand, mission, logo, colors, typography, photography, icons, stationery and all others elements that are used in your brand. The book should be visually attractive and well designed.
If you want to show your brand identity in a clear and attractive way, this manual brand template is perfect for you. Elements are ordered in well-designed layout, all you need to do is replace your text, logo, and photos. Master pages with automatic numbering, grid-based file and paragraphs styles will help with technical issues. Creating manual brand was never that easy!

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