Free Board on Wall Mockup (PSD)

Everything we set on our wall is a reminder – a quote reminds us to work harder, a logotype reminds us of where we belong, and an illustration simply reminds us of what we love and why we do. What we set on our walls, whether intentionally or accidentally, gets easily noticed.
So let your viewers walk into a room and get entranced by what you have to offer by showcasing your newest projects using this hanging poster board PSD mockup. Like an empty canvas, the board set against a wall from a front point of view awaits the right colors and the perfect design that you’ll add. And because the board provides a large area for display, your projects can feature large texts and headlines in addition to illustrations, photographs, portrait art, etc. This board is patiently waiting for its big break, and you only need to download the free PSD and insert your artwork with your preferred Photoshop version for it to happen.

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