Free Black Ribbons Vector Set (Ai)

We?ll let you in on a little secret for a successful project. All you have to do is use the 3 magic words: stylish black ribbons. Maybe try it once more? Marvelous, isn?t it? This is the classic ribbons set provided by Sergey 360. It offers a number of simple black ribbons that mimic real-life movements which adds an elegant touch to your designs.
The vector set can be easily adjusted and inserted in your projects using Adobe Illustrator. They come in EPS format and they would make a wonderful addition to wedding and events invitations, greeting and business cards, etc. Simply add your needed text (brands, names, sections) on top of the ribbons or use them for a chic decoration. Once you?re done, you can include them in personal and commercial designs, or simply add them to your portfolio.

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