Free Black Branding Mockup (PSD)

A dark setting may not be ideal for every project but when a striking presentation is needed, it does bring an unparalleled aesthetic appearance with a gloomy character. And to allow you to have access to tools that present this peculiar setting, we decided to share Blck, a free black mockup from Mockup Cloud which you can utilize for your branding and identity projects. From a perspective point of view, you will be able to showcase your designs on multiple stationery items including 2 business cards, a piece of paper, and a notebook. Easily add your graphics to the 4500 × 3000 pixels resolution mockup via Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later versions to obtain highly realistic projects with a selective foil stamping option. The free PSD graphic with its illustrated user manual also enables you to change the color of the items and the background.

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