Free App Mockup (PSD)

Let’s face it, everybody enjoys spending, and for a lot of people wasting, time on applications. And with the number of applications out there, people are bound to find one that suits their taste. Well, it’s about time you add your new application to the platform with this freebie created by Vitaliy Kolomiets.
This easy to use mockup combines 3 spaces that you can use to present your application designs with a number of stationery items including a notebook, a keyboard, a ruler, a collection of pens and many others that add a realistic touch to the scene. It can be used to display different looks for a certain application and carry its colors and designs, to showcase some of the many pages and aspects of an application, or to present 3 totally different apps. The only sure thing here is that your graphics will always appear in high-quality thanks to the 2200 x 2200 pixels resolution.

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