Free 5 Colorful Sci-Fi Textures (JPG)

When people hear the word Sci-fi, they think of movies like E.T., The Matrix, and Star Wars. Well, from now on what?s sure to pop into their heads are these colorful sci-fi textures. Today we present to you another brilliant resource created by the amazing Natalia Smirnova.
The high-resolution JPG file brings you a new wild experience with its out-of-this-world colors. The chaotic look carried within these templates will make your projects look peculiar and smooth (a weird combination but we love it!). Use it for your covers, cards, posters, album art etc. And for the beginners out there, don?t feel intimidated. You can use this template as it is without any add-ons. Download this file and make it an essential part of your tools collection with a single click. And don?t forget to check out more of our daily updated templates and textures.

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