Dusty Blooms Watercolor Graphic Illustrations (PNG)

Flowers are not just part of our environment, they?re part of our traditions. We share bouquets on happy and sad occasions, on weddings and funerals, graduation ceremonies and sick visits, with different colors and types for each event. And now, you can also make flowers belong to your designs with Dusty Blooms.
Our team created the Dusty Blooms set of colorful graphic illustrations so that the simple yet profoundly beautiful elements of nature, shared as single elements featuring both flowers and leaves as well as mixed designs, can become elements of our daily lives. Make every occasion special with these freebies and decorate your space and identity presentations with the watercolor flowers. Your rooms will feel homier and your designs more elegant as you bring a floral touch to your frames, wardrobe items, furniture, pillows, book covers, wallpaper, cards, branding and packaging designs, etc.

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