Dusty Blooms Floral Design Elements (PNG)

Working with flowers brings something special to our lives. The art of floral design is a proud form of art that has been around for thousands of years. The diversity of style is amazing and will reflect a variety of social, religious and cultural trends. It has the power to lift your mood instantly whenever you feel low with its unmatched charm and fragile beauty.
Inspired by this emotional power that flowers exercise upon our minds and moods, we bring to you this set of floral graphic illustrations which you can use in your designs. Consisting of 36 single elements, 8 arrangements, 4 frames, 3 wreaths, 3 borders and 2 seamless patterns, every illustration in the set comes in PNG format, and is composed of hand-painted watercolor roses in soft shades of dusty pink and peach. Perfect for wedding invites, greeting cards, banners, advertisements, posters, social media posts and any other design exercise which aims to be elegant and charming, the set is free to download and use.

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