Chocolate Bar Package Mockup (PSD)

They say chocolate makes everything better. Almost everyone in the world loves chocolate, and those who don’t are lying. This bar package mockup is as delicious as it looks, although it’s just a mockup. The texture perfectly represents thin foil package and will gladly welcome any experiment you (or your client) wish. You can bring a new look to your favorite chocolate bar, energy bar or display your tasty graphic project in a realistic way, exploring different patterns, textures, illustrations and of course color. For a more realistic presentation, you can add some chocolate pieces in the background or make the bar package look like it’s on desk table surrounded by other tasty goods. This photoshop psd mockup has unlimited usage potential, designers can go crazy in their creativity and whatever the rust, the chocolate bar will still look yummy.
Thank you Pixel Buddha for sharing this crunchy bar package mockup. For more creative mock-ups like this one check out their website.

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