AquaWay Free Sea Creatures Vector Pack (Ai)

?It?s turtles all the way down.? Whoever said that probably knew how majestic and beautiful turtles and other sea creatures can be. And the artist Oksana Golubets seems to share this point of view as she brings to the floor yet again another eye-catching item: the AquaWay vector pack.ÿThe pack consists of more than 30 hand-drawn vector elements that include (yes, you guessed it) sea animals like whales, sharks, turtles, and squids, 2 watercolor textures: Death Ray and Cosmic Orchid, as well as 8 different watercolor splash to make your work shine.
It?s a challenge to bring stories to life through words, let alone through pictures. But this freebie is not just a tool, it?s art that?ll encourage you to finally take that step and create something alive with your designs so don?t hesitate in downloading this useful pack today.

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