6 Free Paper Textures

A texture is an inherent, inextricable part of design that helps connect brands and messages. In our digital era, while the e-reader is here to stay, people still want to touch and feel print on paper. Texture is important for memory and brand associations, it also has a meaningful indirect message. It interacts with the clients in a way not even the brand company can. Even if texture was only used digitally, let?s say like in these Paper Texture JPGs, it?s still better than a plain non-textured background. Designers can use these 6 paper textures in their designs, to display realistic versions of their final product. For example: letterhead textures, book sheets or business card designs or can simply use them as backgrounds or wallpapers.
Texture draws clients in, asks them to engage and spend more time examining a piece. So download these 6 paper textures JPGs and get creative! Thanks to For Graphic for sharing these beautiful naturally looking textures.

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