5 Free Seamless Dirt Textures (JPG)

We all have a preferred definition of the dark side and an understanding of its scientific, cultural and artistic meaning. And just like its different definitions, there are different ways to show it, and today, we share 5 with this free dirt textures set from Vladimir Radetzki.
The seamless textures are easy to manage and they can be presented either horizontally or vertically depending on the project. 5 designs that organically mix white and black creating gray in between for a dirt/ dark effect that can be used for horror movie posters or game designs. With scratch marks and handprints, these 4096 x 4096 pixels resolution (96 dpi/ JPG format) textures with their shadow-like effects can add interesting features to novels, apps, and even comic books and mangas; and with colored logos and sans serif fonts, they can even present a grungy look suitable for dirt track racing ads.

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