4 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Mockups (PSD)

Mockups that display everyone’s favorite (and most used) electronic device are always in demand. From iPhones to Samsung Galaxy presentations, we provide our users with highly realistic resources that feature these phones for the best editing experience possible. We’re excited to share with our users the free Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mockup.
This resource by GrapBox showcases the mobile’s cover, its screen, and its pen for a fully detailed presentation with 4 different scenes that you can use for UX and UI designs, artwork and wallpaper ideas, etc. Create a contact profile and show your icons in their natural environment or share potential online posts on Instagram or Facebook. Hoang Minh, the designer of this magnificent tool, provides it in PSD format which makes it easy for you to insert your own graphics via Adobe Photoshop and to include your end results in personal projects.

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