3 Free Seamless Rust Textures (JPG)

Rust, depending on the moisture surrounding the iron, starts to form after a while, displaying strange yet beautifully colored results. Well, no one has time to simply wait around, and that?s why, today, we?d like to present you with this freebie. Another addition to Vladimir Radetzki?s collection of textures, this one offers 3 rust textures with a difference in color and severity.
The fact is, rust adds a realistic touch to any scene, showcasing the amount of details that go into the design. And this time, these details are effortless. Designed in 4096 x 4096 pixels resolution at 96 dpi, these JPG textures can add a timeless effect to buildings, iron surfaces, or even frames. Create the perfect scrapyard scene with rusted cars and vehicles or share interesting tutorials and guides on how rust develops and what to do to avoid it, engaging your viewers with visuals as well as information.

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