20 Free Seamless Black Textures (JPG)

It?s amazing how colors have powerful effects over everything. Red, for example, will not only attract the eye but also leave an unforgettable impression; that?s why they say that men never forget a lady in red. We can go on and on about colors, but there?s a special one that we should really mention and it?s the color black! They say black is the combination of all colors, which if you think about It, makes total sense! Because we often hear people say that it?s their favorite color, that they feel most beautiful and elegant when they wear black clothes. So black conveys a lot of messages such as sophistication, beauty, class, drama, mystery, and power. This applies to all media not only clothes; it applies to design, to hair color, to home d‚cor, to literally anything!
So if you?re a black soul like we are, then this freebie is for you! It?s a set of 20 seamless PSD black textures created by TimXez. You can use it for branding projects, packaging design, greeting cards, social media posts, print accessories, wrapping paper, and the list goes on. You?d be surprised how a certain texture could change your project?s mood, and if you want your deign to look even more attractive, try using metallic colors like gold or silver with one of these textures and watch how it?s going to transform into a magical black swan.

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