10 Free Gold Foil Styles for Illustrator

Although interior/graphic design trends are always changing, it looks like gold is sticking around for the long run. ÿWhether it?s rose gold or traditional yellow gold, this metallic color is being incorporated in everything! From golden photo frame accents, to printed gold calligraphy, and edible gold in pastries. Its shiny texture and color has grabbed a lot of attention and since people are asking for more, we?re bringing you 10 ready-made gold foil styles for Adobe Illustrator byÿPink Coffie. They?re perfect for classy wedding invitation design, magazine cover, printable (t-shirts, mugs, phone cases), and elegant packaging design (cosmetics, perfume).ÿ And if you?re looking for a way to get creative, you can use any of these gold foil textures for your gold mask pouch packaging design, or chocolate coins wrap.

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